Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Here is an email I sent to Obama's campaign

It started as a blurb but it became a speech.

The American people are hurting with high prices, a crumbling infrastructure, unaffordable health care, extremely high college costs and a stagnant job market.

The American people have been generous in giving to causes all over the world. We are the first to dispatch aid when trouble strikes anywhere in the world but it is a sad testament that when some of our neediest citizens needed help after Katrina, we were slow to respond.

This slowness is not a lack of compassion or a lack of resolve. This slowness is a manifestation of some of the strains we face domestically as a nation.

We need to look inward and use OUR money to help OUR people.
This is not welfare but a proactive approach in strengthening our infrastructure, our health care, education, job creation and energy independence.

We call this collective focus a Focus on America and if I am elected President, I will direct a substantial portion of my energy and the energy of my administration on America and I will build on its strengths. We will do this in a coordinated fashion and we will demand results.

The American people deserve a little attention from Washington. They don’t want charity. But they want to see their money being spent on infrastructure and education and healthcare reform and policies that create jobs. As the pre-eminent nation in the world, we will not ignore our international commitments but we will very definitely Focus on America.

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