Wednesday, April 23, 2008

America's obsession with.....JUNK!

Why is America obsessed with junk? How much of our staggering trade deficit is spent importing crap? One man's treasure is another man's junk you say? But come on, surely we can do without all the cheap, flimsy, meant to be trashed craplets that are stocked in the impulse buy counters near the cash registers of most stores!

We start of the new year with maybe a party and buy some party favors. Then comes Valentine's day when many of us buy some dreadful stuffed animal toy or some such unmentionable. Father's day, mother's day, boss's day secretary's day follows in progression and we reward the unfortunate recepient with a cheap guaranteed to fall apart gift. This may not be the main gift, but we have a tendency to add a stocking stuffer to give the impression of plenty.

One gift is no longer enough. The main gift is accompanied with...junk. Either a stuffed animal or a small case of dreadful chocolate or a plastic trinket whose sole purpose is to be thrown away. Why do we spend so much of our income on nonsense like this?

These days I am noticing that even junk has stopped pretending to be anything but junk. Not too long ago, when the dollar was a little stronger, a lot of the craplets were a little better made. The stuffed toy didn't start molting as you picked it off the shelf. It wasn't stuffed with wadded newspaper.

Surely we can do without?

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