Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do you think in Google Query?

The other day in the shower (where admittedly some of us get our most creative thoughts), I was thinking about why my old Jeep suddenly stalls on left turns. Unconsciously, I started formulating queries I could pose to Google:
Jeep stall left turn
1997 Cherokee engine cut off
Jeep issues
Jeep turning problems

It suddenly struck me that I am doing this more frequently these days. I have started to think in Google Query. Any time I need a question answered, I invariably try to formulate a query that I think will get me the results I need. Even when I am away from my computer, rather than think of a solution, I start thinking of ways to express the problem to the Google search engine.

I am sure, I am not alone in this. In a way, the Internet is making us lazier. I find myself trying to find the answer to a question by typing it into Google rather than figuring out the answer myself. If someone already has found the answer, why re-invent the wheel? I wonder if this is a sign of intellectual laziness or just a matter of using the tools at our disposal?

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Anonymous said...

I am not alone!